While you see a major version update here, no major changes have been made to spike's API, but major changes have been made to webpack, and since spike is so heavily integrated with webpack it could cause issues, so be careful when upgrading.


We're super excited to drop the first major release of spike! Spike is stable, and widely in use in production, so it was definitely time. This update represents a large number of breaking changes, and we have prepared a migration guide to help ease the transition.


  • Internal restructure for core plugins. If you were using config.spike.files at all in any plugin, this will likely need to be adjusted slightly.
  • The way that matchers resolve has changed from matching against each file's absolute path to matching against relative paths. This means that if you had a file in the root of your project, **/*.extension will no longer match it correctly. It will need to be updated to *(**/)*.extension. This change is already reflected in the spike base template and defaults.
  • You can now add an extension property to any custom loader to have it change out the extension on write
  • Much more thorough comments and much less code in the core of this library. The time is right to jump in and contribute!


This release is massively breaking -- it is sure to be incompatible with any existing spike project without changes. Make sure to be aware of this when upgrading! In this release, we replaced posthtml with reshape.

Release Log

Hello friends! This is the new place where we will be writing all releases for spike. The github releases will link to here in the future.