• Internal restructure for core plugins. If you were using config.spike.files at all in any plugin, this will likely need to be adjusted slightly.
  • The way that matchers resolve has changed from matching against each file's absolute path to matching against relative paths. This means that if you had a file in the root of your project, **/*.extension will no longer match it correctly. It will need to be updated to *(**/)*.extension. This change is already reflected in the spike base template and defaults.
  • You can now add an extension property to any custom loader to have it change out the extension on write
  • Much more thorough comments and much less code in the core of this library. The time is right to jump in and contribute!


  • improved: Less code complexity, more comments. Down to just 4 files in core!
  • added: extension property for custom loaders
  • broken: matchers now resolve from relative paths
  • added: