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each loop index

Hi, Is there a way to retreive the index of the loop item? Thanks

Config of spike-css-standards

As I'm loading the Postcss in my app.js like this: postcss: cssStandards({ parser: sugarss, minify: env === 'production', warnForDuplicates: env !== 'production', appendPlugins: [lost(), tipsy(), animation()] }) How can I at the same time turn off the 'quotes' formatting of 'retext-smartypants' that's included there by default? Thanks

Compile Markdown only files

I looked at https://github.com/static-dev/spike-tpl-jekyll and saw that the post examples are sugraml files with some Markdown. Is there a way to compile pure Markdown files?

Dynamic pages - e.g blog posts

Hi there, I'm a Middleman user taking a look at Spike as the JS/Webpack platform looks really intriguing. One feature that I haven't been able to find in the docs is something like dynamic pages (e.g. https://middlemanapp.com/advanced/dynamic-pages/). Is this something that Spike supports, if not, is there another way it could be accomplished?


Hi, First of all, excellent product! I've been using Root and not I'm addicted to Spike. I would like to know how would be the best way to handle forms? Like a Contact Form? What would be the best approach? How do you guys handle this? Frontend / Backend?

How to speed up compile time?

Hi, there, and thanks for creating Spike. I'm liking it and going down the path of using it to create a design system, but it seems to be dead slow to recompile, even just using the default template and starting a watch. I want to figure out whether I can configure the devserver to do hot reloading, too, but are there any tricks to make compiles faster? I'm talking about even a single line of added CSS. Thanks.

Embedded extends

Is it possible to have embedded extends (It hasn't worked for me)



Access Remote data from remote API

HI, I was wondering how we can access to remote data through an API? I'm using roots.cx with records and it works fine but how would I do the same with Spike? I'm evaluating Spike to find out if I would move over. Thank you very much for your help!!!

Do you support windows?

Do you support windows? I made a test project and ran 'npm i spike -g' > 'spike new spike-test', then when I run 'spike watch' I get an error. That looks something an issue with running the cli commands. Bellow is a stack trace of the problem. I got really excited when I heard about Spike for windows, as someone who enjoys jekyll and javascript. Here's a gist of the stacktrace. Let me know what you think